6 ways to naturally achieve the ‘clean feeling’ in your private parts


From the weird smells, constant fluids, and the debate of whether to shave or not to shave, it can be difficult determining the proper way to achieve the ‘clean feeling’ in your private parts. Although bacteria can be healthy for a vagina, if its smell almost brings your eyes to tears, you should do something about it.

Below are 6 ways you can achieve a cleaner and healthier feel in your private parts.

1. Set up a cleansing routine

Although the vagina can naturally keep itself clean, ensure that you have a cleansing routine in place. This, however, should not involve douching or using soaps. The vagina has particular pH that keeps unhealthy bacteria at bay while retaining healthy bacteria. The use of soaps only interferes with this pH level, leading to inflammation, irritation and even infection.


2. Maintain hygiene during your period

Just because it’s that time of the month, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the ‘clean feeling’ in your private parts. Menstruation is said to increase the chances of vaginal infections, thus staying clean is essential.

  • Change your pad or tampon after every few hours.
  • Only wear a pad when necessary to avoid skin irritation around your private area.
  • When wiping your vaginal region, avoid using perfumed or chemical-based wet wipes, but instead use plain unscented tissues.

3. Wear cotton underwear

While wearing silk or lace underwear may feel sexy, cotton underwear is recommended for anal and vaginal health. Unlike other materials, cotton allows free airflow around your private region, preventing moistness that may facilitate yeast growth and result in infection.

4. Ensure that your private area remains dry

Avoid wearing wet clothing for longer than necessary. This includes bathing suits and sweaty work-out clothes. Have spare dry clothes just in case.

5. Clean up before and after sex

gdhgd64When you achieve the ‘clean feeling’ in your private parts, you also boost your confidence during sex, making the whole experience more enjoyable. Additionally, because sex can be messy, especially with all the fluids getting passed around, consider taking a shower right after, or make use of alcohol-free wipes intended for after-sex cleaning, which are made with natural ingredients.

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6. Add more fruits and yogurt to your diet

Although your vagina won’t smell like your diet, what you eat can determine how good your vagina smells. Fruits, in particular, contain a high water content and thus help keep rid the body of toxins and also freshen the secreted vaginal fluids, reducing any unpleasant smells.

Yogurt has been said to offer your vagina the right kind of bacteria, thus if you’re dealing with weird smells around that region, a glass of yogurt may help.