Genital Hygiene


Reasons You Should Take Care of Your Private Parts

Genital hygiene is a very important matter that many people today choose to neglect because of either lack of education in the matter, or because perhaps they find it awkward or embarrassing. The lack of education often comes from the embarrassment that many feel finding out about these things causes.

In this article, we will go through a few of the main reasons you should take care of your private parts, and make sure that they are clean and healthy.

For Men

hgdhd674Men’s penises need to be cleaned thoroughly once every day, regardless of sexual activity. Of course, the male genitals, like the females’, should also be cleaned immediately after sexual intercourse. The reason it is important to clean your penis is that if left uncleaned, the penis will accumulate bacteria, which can result in severe infection, odor, and discomfort.

It is important that you do not attempt to clean the inside of the penis, the urethra as it is known. This is the channel that carries urine and semen for men, and trying to clean this extensively can cause painful and complicated damage. If a man’s genitals are of the kind where the foreskin is non-retractable, then it is crucial to leave the foreskin as it is, and only clean the outside of the penis. If the foreskin is forced back, it may also cause serious harm.

For Women

hgdhgd64The reasons for women to keep their genitals clean are similar to the reasons listed for men. The main reasons women should take care of their private parts is to stop infections from building up, and indeed, from harmful bacteria to spread to their sexual partner. As the female genitals are quite different from men’s in the way that they are largely on the inside of their bodies, some women tend to become very conscious of keeping their private parts clean.

According to research, this can lead to the opposite of the desired effect, as the vagina has a number of substances to keep the balance of it right. By excessive washing the inside of the vagina with soap, this balance may be disturbed and cause bacteria to enter and blossom.

The reasons you should take care of your private parts are many, but they all do boil down to preventing the spread of bacteria and stopping the risk of infection. It is important to remember to clean your genitals once a day, regardless of gender, and be cautious not to over-wash as this itself may cause infection.