5 Ways In Which Smoking Can Ruin Your Looks


Everyone wants to quit smoking. There are a number of negative effects that come with smoking. Smoking can impact your appearance. The habit is bad for your lungs, heart, brain, and sex life as well as your physical looks. There are some effects on the appearance due to smoking. Smokers are known to experience a number of appearance problems. The following are some of the common ways in which smoking can ruin your looks:

1. Fast skin aging

rtehyjujmnghtIn most cases, smokers tend to have an older skin than their real age. Smoking often alters one’s appearance. The skin is often dry and not as elastic. This causes discomfort and in some cases, it could have breakages. Smokers have loose under-eye skin that makes them appear older than usual.

Age spots are very common in people who smoke. While these spots may develop in anyone due to sun exposure, they are common in people who smoke.

2. Uneven skin tone

Blood vessels are affected by smoking. Supply of oxygen to the rest of the body is thus hampered. Essential nutrients are thus not evenly distributed by this problem. As such, one develops some changes in the skin tone even at a tender age. Nicotine could cause some pale appearances or uneven skin tone thus making some uncomfortable.

3. Unusual skin sagging and wrinkles

There are so many chemicals contained in tobacco. Most of these chemicals are carcinogenic and could cause cancer. Some of these chemicals are known to affect the elastin and collagen – skin’s major components. Worth mentioning is that secondhand smoke exposure could also result into skin damages. More often, smokers are seen to have a sagging skin and full of wrinkles.rgeth6yjhnfggte

Lips develop some lines and wrinkles too. The chemicals in tobacco affect the area around the mouth as the skin fibers are damaged.

4. Sagging breasts and arms

Smoking effects can be felt in any part of the body. When the collagen and elastin fibers are damaged, there could be some drooping and significant sagging. In most cases, these effects are experienced in the upper arms and breast areas.

5. Damaged gums and teeth

Most common effects of smoking include yellow teeth. Smokers experience various oral problems such as bad breath and gum diseases. Some have tooth loss as a result of smoking tobacco.

Fingers and nails are also known to stain for smokers. Fortunately, when one quits smoking, the discoloration can fade away.